Pauline Delany works with online female entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do and have big plans for their business. Many of the women she works with come to her when they are burnt out, stressed and overwhelmed. They find their business consumes their time and energy and their family life suffers. 

Their growth is limited by lack of organisation, leverage, and systems, and although they want to grow their business, they fear that if this happens, they will be even busier and will have even less time outside of work.

Pauline works with her clients together to develop a great model that enables them to grow their business, realise their dreams, and get everything done without impacting on their family time. In fact they often find they have more time to spend with their family as well as a vibrant, thriving business.

They can implement more structure, organisation and SYSTEMS,  which frees up their time so they can create more revenue and have more freedom while running a high level business. They can LEVERAGE their time!

Pauline is herself a busy mum of four, who has always worked outside the home and coped with her busy household. She has now combined the role of entrepreneur with this, and has successfully been able to create true harmony between all facets of her life. It is her passion to help other business owners who are feeling overwhelmed by the constant pressure to run a successful business. Her aim is to get them back in control of their own lives, eliminate their stress and burnout and find their own true harmony.

She has developed powerful and effective systems to help streamline the practical aspects of running your own business. She will work with you to implement super-efficient time-management techniques to increase productivity both in your business and home life. You will be motivated to clear the physical and mental clutter, reduce multi-tasking, and therefore eliminate the many unfinished tasks and projects that multi-tasking tends to encourage. She advises on practical organisation techniques like priority list-writing, time management, effective pre-planning, time blocking and working in short intense bursts for maximum productivity.  AND her social media marketing strategies are simple, can be done in only a few short minutes each day, and produce brilliant ongoing results.  She will also encourage you to stimulate and revive your dormant dreams and aspirations which have been put aside because of the more immediate demands of dealing with business issues that never seem to go away. Goal setting and exploring your own sense of individuality and purpose will also be explored. 

Her passion is to empower women to have that growing, successful business of their dreams, while also having the time and freedom to have a fulfilling relationship with their family and loved ones outside of work.

So, if you:

• Are a female business owner who is looking to grow your business without sacrificing your lifestyle,

• Want to implement more structure to free up your time so you can create more revenue and have more freedom while still running a high level business

• Are looking for systems, strategies and guidance to empower you to run your business more efficiently, manage your time more effectively and create a successful growing business, 

Then we are a great fit to work together!

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