How I actually booked my trip and put myself first

In Goal Setting by paulinedelany

Do you find that you are always setting big goals, getting really excited, then they just fizzle? Do you start off super-excited and pumped about your new program/workshop/lholiday and then lose momentum and motivation? This used to be me. I have always been a big goal-setter, and know how powerful it can be to write down what I want. But …

Always be Open to the Possibilities, My Lightbulb Moment!

In Goal Setting, Marketing by paulinedelany

When I think back over the past few years, particularly since I started in my business, there are a few things that I am really proud of. Things that I can now do that I had no idea was possible for me before, and which, if you had asked me to do, I would have laughed in your face.┬áPolitely of …

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Do You Work Backwards?

In Goal Setting by paulinedelany

A strange question I know, but bear with me! I have found it extremely helpful when setting goals, to start with the end in mind, and then work backwards. So, say you set a goal of earning $10K a month in your business. In order to do this, it is crucial to map out the steps you need to take …