Hi, I’m Pauline Delany.

I absolutely LOVE working with beautiful women entrepreneurs, to create their own online business that will empower them to be fulfilled and successful in their own right, while also being able to create a real freedom lifestyle.

I have spent the last 25 years working in my career as an optometrist, working part time ever since the birth of my eldest son 22 years ago. I am now a mother of 4 gorgeous children, and it has always been incredibly important to me to maintain a great relationship and connection with them, so that I was not so consumed with my work and business, that I became an absentee mother who was never really present. This was one of the driving forces behind my decision to start up my own online business. I also wanted to have the resources to give them great experiences, like their regular interstate holidays with their cousins who are scattered all over Australia. And also the breathtaking international holidays that had only been a vague dream before, with no real chance of actually happening.

Throughout our many years together, my husband and I have always had that “entrepreneurial mindset”.

We were always looking for something else, something beyond the normal, everyday “working for a boss”, “exchanging time for money” existence. So, over the past 25 years, I have dabbled in countless other business opportunities alongside my optometry.

Network marketing with Amway, was my intro into the world of business. I have done the party plan thing with Intimo lingerie. Online marketing, property investment, a little stock market trading, I have tried it all!

Three and a half years ago I discovered internet marketing, and was instantly hooked!  It was June 2013, and I attended a seminar at the Hilton Hotel here in my hometown of Melbourne Australia, and my mind was officially blown!

I was fascinated by the scope and possibilities of a successful online business. The limitless potential,  the passive income opportunities, with digital products, services and a worldwide audience and market. This led me also to discover and fall in love with personal development, and it is here that I have really found my passion.

Life coaching, NLP, connecting people with their purpose, moving them from where they currently are, to a bright future that they can see, but had no idea on how to reach. I love this. So, I have invested heavily, both with my time and money. Many hundreds of hours, and tens of thousands of dollars to gain the knowledge and experience of working with others to empower them to reach and achieve their dreams.

Through many incarnations along the way, I have found where my passion lies. To work with women business owners who are passionate about their business and have big plans, but fear that to realise these big plans, they will be even busier and will need to sacrifice their ideal lifestyle, be consumed with running their business, without the skills and knowledge to enable them to market themselves and their business the smart and effective way.

I now work with these beautiful ladies to enable them to reach their business and lifestyle goals, and design and create their ideal successful dream business which gives them the financial rewards they are aiming for, without impacting on the time they spend with their family. So that they have a streamlined, well-planned, mind-blowingly successful business, as well as their dream lifestyle