How I actually booked my trip and put myself first

In Goal Setting by paulinedelany

Do you find that you are always setting big goals, getting really excited, then they just fizzle?
Do you start off super-excited and pumped about your new program/workshop/lholiday and then lose momentum and motivation?
This used to be me. I have always been a big goal-setter, and know how powerful it can be to write down what I want. But I would find that my excitement would wane, and I would lose focus. Things would get in the way.

It is easy to get really fired up about something you really want. 

For example, I really wanted to have a weekend away with my husband recently. Now, we weren’t looking at a big trip, just a weekend away to Tasmania. I have been working really intensely in my business, and really need some time away. So, I started to make plans. All excited and motivated. And then the obstacles came up.

I didn’t have time to research flights and accommodation.
I was going to miss a whole Friday away from my business.
How would I re-schedule my clients?
What about the children? Who would get them to and from school?

The barriers came up, and I almost decided that it just wasn’t worth the trouble and effort.

The I stopped and took stock. 

Why had I set this goal in the first place? It was because I needed some relaxation time away from the intensity of work. And all of this stuff, these walls that were coming up, were my internal ways of telling myself that I didn’t deserve a holiday. I should be working.  My business should come first. It would take too much work and effort to organise this trip.

And, this can be true for any goal we set.

Whether it is in your business, or in another areas of your life. But you need to make the decision that this is what you want, and then be prepared to put in the time and effort that is needed to make it happen. To make that goal a reality. To book that trip to Tasmania!

So, set your goals. And make them big, bright and exciting. Worthy of the time and effort you will need to put in to achieve them. Then go for it. Focus, stay motivated, take consistent action, and you WILL achieve your goal.

So, what goal have you been secretly sabotaging? And are you going to stop and go for it? Let me know. I would love to hear all about it!

And my trip to Tasmania was awesome!