Always be Open to the Possibilities, My Lightbulb Moment!

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When I think back over the past few years, particularly since I started in my business, there are a few things that I am really proud of. Things that I can now do that I had no idea was possible for me before, and which, if you had asked me to do, I would have laughed in your face. Politely of course!
Embracing technology and the power of the internet has been key for me, and by having this exposed to me, the secret online world, was really the catalyst that inspired me to build a business. It expanded my horizons, and allowed me to realise that, although I may be sitting in my house in Melbourne,  Australia with my husband and 4 children, that did not mean that I couldn’t have a big business,a global business, an international business, a location independent business, and that I could do it all from home.

Wow, what a light bulb moment that was for me.

Over the years I had dabbled in so many different business ventures, including:

    • Party plan- Yes, I was a bra-fitting consultant with Intimo lingerie!
    • Property investment- I have bought and sold several properties over the years,, and love property as a longterm investment
    • Stock market trading (definitely not my bag baby!!)
    • Multi level marketing- my husband and I were seduced by Amway back in the 90’s, and I have also worked with Melaleuca, Australia

All in a bid to stumble upon “the one”!

The one business venture that would make my fortune, be the key to my financial independence and have the money rolling in faster than I could count it. Well, needless to say, that never actually happened. What happened instead, was that my husband and I invested in numerous courses and programs that had big promises, but failed to deliver. Despite us diligently following everything they advised and taught step by step.

I definitely know that this is one of my greater strengths. I am very methodical, and organised, and a great planner. So if I am shown a system that will produce the results I want, then I will follow that system religiously.

And that is why I am so passionate about doing this with my clients. And how they are able to save 10 hours each week by tweaking their schedules and using tools like a daily planner, a time-blocking template, and strategies for prioritising tasks that mean that they can get their client calls done each morning, and then have a window in the middle of the day to have lunch with a girlfriend if they choose to. Or to ensure that they are not still accepting client calls while sitting in front of the TV with hubby at 10.00pm at night!

But, as my husband and I discovered, all systems are not equal. And so, we found ourselves thousands, and even tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket, with literally nothing to show for it.

Until that day on 26th June, 2013, when I finally realised that my path lay online. That was the day I attended a transformational seminar on internet marketing, which literally opened up the whole world for me. Over the past few years I have had to pinch myself sometimes to realise how lucky I was to do this. I had planned to go this free Internet Marketing seminar at the Hilton Hotel in Melbourne, but almost talked myself out of it, because I didn’t think it would teach me anything new. Well, I certainly proved myself wrong there!

So, over the last few years, I have learnt so much. While I was learning about the ways to create an online business, I was also creating my own website, setting up my lead magnets and sales funnels, implementing automation into my business, hot off the press, so to speak! My first lead magnet was a very basic ebook, with great information, although it wasn’t the most professional-looking book, the main thing was that I did it!

I remember that during one of my marketing programs, my mentor told me that, of all of his clients, I was the one who had advanced the fastest and furthest, simply because I did everything he told me. Followed every recommendation he made, pushed myself out of my comfort zone and “just did it”, because I knew that he had the experience, and had already done and achieved what I wanted to do, so he was the one to listen to. Early on, I planned to have a business based around being a “Fit and Healthy Woman after 40”.

He encouraged me to contact experts in this field to interview, and, despite being afraid of cold contacting, of being rejected, of asking for help, I just did it.

And I was really surprised at how warmly my overtures were received.  People were really flattered, and genuinely keen and excited to connect with me. So, for me, a natural introvert, here I was interviewing stylists, medical intuitives, fitness experts from the US and all over the world!
I learnt how to conduct and record interviews on Skype, and then how to outsource their transcription. And the beautiful experts I interviewed were so friendly and open, genuinely interested to connect with me. Totally different to the traumatic experience I had convinced myself it would be.  In the end I conducted over 8 interviews and used them to create my first online program: “Life Balance Masterclass”
I also began to run webinars, overcoming my fear of opening up and being vulnerable online, and coping with the technological aspects too! I think that a lot of my trepidation was due to my fear about what people would think . 
That fear of being exposed. Being visible. 
And that was really the key to my business changing. Making the decision to let go of my attachment to how others see me, and to “just go for it”, without reservation, to be myself, to be transparent and to make the decision that my business would be successful no matter what. I was no longer available to catering to what others thought. I would be myself. What a release and relief!

Now, I won’t say that everything was rosy, and went 100% to plan. There was one webinar I ran without realising I hadn’t pushed the “Go live” button. So, I spent an hour talking to myself. Then another when there was no sound. But, I didn’t give up. And I learnt from each mistake. And then I ran the webinar again the next night and it all worked beautifully!

And it has definitely changed my outlook and the way I run my business. Like many others in business, I spend a lot of time on social media, particularly Facebook. It is a terrific platform for connecting with like minded business owners, potential clients, and to get some exposure and visibility happening for me and my business.
In fact I have even started doing Facebook Live videos, which is a real breakthrough for me, who likes to have everything planned out, scripted, organised. So, to do a spur of the moment video is big for me. But it has been so beneficial. Now, when an interesting thought or strategy comes into my head that might be of interest to my followers, clients or potential clients, I can connect with them instantly, in real time, warts and all. 
I even did a video straight after my BodyPump class, because I was suddenly struck with the impulse to share about how important it is to incorporate exercise into our week, and here is the proof that I do this myself.
This has also expanded my comfort zone, so that I have now been able to let go of my perfectionism, as well as my fear of seeing myself on film. The more I have made myself do it, the more natural and easy it has become for me, and the more I have actually started to enjoy it! The other day, I was doing a Facebook Live video around mapping out your week, showing my journal and diary, and started getting that instant feedback. 
It was awesome and exhilarating. I loved it. 
And, looking on it in a business sense, it is a great way for people to start to connect with me, and experience me as a person, in real life, without scripts or planning,  rather than just seeing the perfect head shots of me on my website.
Visualisation and a strong mindset practice is another component that has really transformed my business, and more precisely, which has transformed the way I think of my business. I am so passionate about setting goals that are big, bold and exciting. And a stretch.
I love it when they make your heart beat faster just thinking about them, and how your life and business will be transformed once you actually achieve them.  One of my favourite mindset techniques lately has been that of visualisation.  And not just imaging how a goal will feel once I have achieved it, but, reaching a highly charged and excited state where I act as though I have already achieved my goal, and then to really step into the incredible feelings and emotions of the goal, using all of the modalities to make it as rich and exiting an experience as possible. So, how I feel, what I am seeing, the sounds I am hearing, the whole shebang in fact!

So, what can you take from what I have talked about today?
Well here are a few key points:

  • Be organised and follow your plan
  • Don’t overplan
  • Be open to possibility and be prepared to be flexible. Don’t anticipate every eventuality. The worst may not actually happen!
  • Go into things with an open mind
  • Step out of your comfort zone whenever you can, even a tiny step makes a difference
  • Let go of caring what people think
  • Be vulnerable and real
  • Be transparent. Don’t try to hide stuff from your audience. They will respect and use you so much more when you give them 100% honesty
  • Enjoy the ride!