Aha Moment – Do it Once!

In Marketing, Online, Time Management by paulinedelany

One of my clients recently had a great “aha” moment.

She has always been very consistent and organised, and has done a lot to promote her business on social media.

A few years ago she did a few simple tutorial videos, specific to her niche and uploaded them to YouTube. Then, as often happens in busines, she moved on to other marketing strategies, and forgot about them. However she recently went back in to check on something else on her YouTube account and discovered to her amazement that her video had been viewed over 1700 times!

She had some great comments and questions on there too, that she had been completely unaware of, so, of course, hadn’t responded to.

Fortunately her video was still very relevant, and was well-branded, with links back to her website, and she had put in the work at the time she posted it to create a very precise, well-worded description with attention to her keywords, so it was, and is all good!

So what does this tell us?

Well, to me, the key takeaways from this story are:

1. Do the work once

Put in the time and effort to create something worthwhile, and quality, and it will produce great results for you over and over again. So, you don’t need to be continually reinventing the wheel and creating brand new content over and over again.

Instead, be very efficient and effective with your creativity and put in the work to create quality content that is very relevant to your target audience, that will stand the test of time, and directly targets their  challenges and problems.

2. Get it out there

Again, by putting in the time and effort to do it well, it can serve as an ambassador for you and your business over and over for many years to come.

How cool is that!!

3. Be consistent with your message and branding

This means you have created something timeless, that can continue to represent you and your business into the future.

So, by building up a portfolio of your “stuff” that is posted online in various capacities, you are enhancing your visibility and confirming your expertise. By doing it once, it will serve you well over and over again for a long time to come!

So, just a few tweaks to the way you are currently marketing your business, and creating ad then promoting your content, could make a huge difference to your reach and the effectiveness of your message!