Want to Stand out on Social Media?

In Online, Social Media by paulinedelany

I have been making a point of being quite active on Facebook lately.

I find that I get a lot of my business through Facebook, and have built up my credibility and visibility using this as my main online marketing tool. Having a website is ok, but it is the social interaction, the consistency that comes from people always seeing your name and posts and comments popping up in their newsfeed that entrench you in their minds.
You become a person of influence, and are seen as an expert, because you are top of mind.

Because of your constant presence in the newsfeed.

And this doesn’t need to take much time. I know how easy it is to become lost in Facebook. It can be a real rabbit hole. But you can be efficient and effective in a very short amount of time each day.

You just need to set some boundaries, map out an effective strategy and stick to your plan.

I often have women telling me that they have no time to spend on Facebook, so they either have a haphazard attempt at a social media marketing plan, or they simply give up and don’t bother.

But, believe me, it is worth it! Just a few days ago, I posted in a few of the groups I am a member of, talking about the virtues of a fantastic new referral networking group I have joined.

And it definitely sparked some interest. Loads of interaction, questions, interest, and curiosity. By offering an opportunity to try it out, I positioned myself as a woman of influence, an authority, and have made several valuable connections because of this.

My name will now be remembered, and people will pay attention when they see my next post, or comment or offer. And it only took a few minutes!

Imagine the power a mere 15 minutes a day of targeted Facebook action can produce!

By scheduling it into your day, you can create your own effective social media marketing system, and by being consistent and doing something each day, you, and your online reputation as an expert, will reap the rewards.

What do you have to lose!