Do You Work Backwards?

In Goal Setting by paulinedelany

A strange question I know, but bear with me!

I have found it extremely helpful when setting goals, to start with the end in mind, and then work backwards.

So, say you set a goal of earning $10K a month in your business. In order to do this, it is crucial to map out the steps you need to take to reach this goal. And it is really important to understand practically what this means. If you pluck a figure out of the air, and then have no concept of what it actually entails to reach this, you are doomed to failure right from the start.

So, lets take this step by step.

Imagine you are a coach. (Of course you can insert your own profession in here. Be it virtual assistant, graphic designer, photographer or whatever). Then look at your packages, Your pricing. What you have for sale. Your products or services, so that you can practically know exactly what a $10K month entails. For example, if your premium one on one coaching package costs $1000, then if you sign up 10 clients you have reached your target. If you have a $500 monthly package, then you would need 20 clients. Quite simple isn’t it?

But it always astounds me as to how many women set goals that are unrealistic, with no real understanding of what it will take to reach them.

By doing this exercise, you are also really illustrating to yourself what you need to achieve to up-level in your business. So, if you currently have 10 clients at $500/month, and want to up-level to earning $10k a month, you know exactly what needs to happen. You can either work harder, and add in another 10 clients at your current rate, or, you could really step up, show some great confidence in yourself and your abilities and up your prices.

Imagine working the same as you currently are, but being paid twice as much. How would that feel?

So, rather than adding on another 10 clients, simply up your prices to $1000/mth, and voila, you have hit your $10K target.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine if you added in group coaching.

So, an online group coaching program which you charge $250/month for. You would still only invest an hour a week, like you are currently doing with your one on one clients, but, instead of earning $250 for the 4 hours, you can have a much more leveraged business. Imagine coaching 10 women in a group coaching program. This would earn you $2500 for the month, and you would still be only working 4 hours a month.

You get the picture!

The key is to set your goal. Then break down exactly what it means to achieve that goal. The practicalities. So, in our current example of a coach, in order to earn $10K a month, you would need:

20 one on one clients at $500/month= 20 hours a week

10 one on one clients at $1000/month= 10 hours a week

40 group coaching clients at $250/month= 1 hour a week or a combination of one on one and group coaching.

Interesting exercise, isn’t it!

So, just by this very simple example, you can see that up-levelling your business, and setting your sights on growing your business to a six figure income does not mean that you will be working exponentially harder or longer. If you choose the right model, you can truly create a freedom- based business, that allows you to have brilliant financial success, while also having the lifestyle of your dreams.

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