Hi.  I’m Pauline Delany,  Business & Success Coach for Online Female Entrepreneurs

I am passionate about working with women to design and create a successful business, so that they can have a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility while still being handsomely rewarded, both with a fulfilling business AND their dream lifestyle too.  I work with female entrepreneurs whose growth is limited by lack of organisation, leverage, and systems, and I help them to instead implement these things to give them more structure and free up their time so they can create more revenue and have more freedom while running a high level business.

Are you  running your own business?

Do you often feel overwhelmed with the challenges of balancing your time and productivity?

Spending hours a day on social media, but having nothing to show for it at the end of the day? Perhaps you find you are struggling with the juggle of trying to get everything done in your busy life. Multi-tasking all the time, but, because of a lack of true focus, rather than being productive, you simply end up with a multitude of half- finished tasks. Being very busy, but really not getting done those important money-making tasks. And, really, you have no idea where you should be spending your time every day! 

Would you like to work less and earn more?
Work smarter rather than harder and get more done in less time?
Of course you would!

I know exactly how you feel!

I used to be frantically busy all the time. Jumping from task to task. Working, running my business, cooking, cleaning, running my household of six and feeling that I never had a moment to myself. I felt guilty if I wasn’t always on the go being ‘productive’. And I thrived on being the best I could be-at work, in my business and also at home. I was caught up in the "busyness" cycle, but just wasn't achieving the results I wanted to, particularly in my business

But, then I realised that this was making me feel stressed, frantic and undervalued. I wanted a better balance in my life. I wanted to have time to spend on myself, rather than spending most of my waking hours consumed by my business.  The freedom to turn off at the end of the day WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY! So I worked at my processes, the ways I ran my life, the systems I used which were not serving me well, and I tweaked and adjusted them so that I could be more productive and achieve more in less time, with less effort. I created boundaries, mapped out my work and non-work time during each day and week, and actually scheduled time for self-care. My "me-time"! I changed my mindset. And I can help you do this too! Just click here for more details.


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